Javi Díaz

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Episode 26
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Rewriting the Dress Code: A Conversation with Kathleen BostickListen Now
Episode 24
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Connection is the Future: A Conversation with Loc Legend Pascale TremblayListen Now
Episode 20
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It Starts From the Top - Promoting Mental Wellness at Work with Laura DeCookListen Now
Episode 14
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From Losing to Leading: How to Turn a Lost Deal into an Opportunity (with Pavel Soukenik)Listen Now
Episode 12
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Inside the Mind of a Top Localization Leader: Insights from Julio LealListen Now
Episode 10
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Leadership in Action: Stories of Triumph and Resilience (with Véronique Özkaya)Listen Now
Episode 08
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Disrupting Localization Careers with Andrew LawlessListen Now
Episode 03
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51 min

It’s Not Marketing, It’s Community Building! (with Anthony Leung)Listen Now
Episode 01
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45 min

Lessons and Insights from Isabelle Andrieu, an Unstoppable Woman Listen Now

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