About the Merging Minds

Our dynamic hosts Gabriel Fairman and Javi Diaz dissect the latest tech, ignite unbiased conversations on navigating the future of work, and empower you to thrive in the face of change where neurons meet algorithms.

From demystifying AI with unconventional, innovative thinkers, to translation and localization industry experts, and to unlocking true leadership potential, you’ll discover practical strategies and inspiration to confidently chart your course as we’re deciphering the language of both tech and human minds.

Whether you're a seasoned translator, a curious linguist, a creative, researcher, or a business leader, The Merging Minds is your vibrant hub and compass in the digital labyrinth where our thoughts cross paths with data streams.



It was a fascinating conversation--very well worth my time. One of the most thoughtful interviews I've ever done.
I found the scheduling and the platform easy to use. The initial information and form with the questions was very helpful."
Javi is the type of host who makes you comfortable from the get-go so recording was a breeze.
Gabriel is gentle and enthusiastic. He gave me questions that I found difficult to respond to, but he allowed me to wander and then he followed me -- which was overall a fine experience.

Our Hosts

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Gabriel Fairman

Tech Founder

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Javi Díaz

Community Champion