Come take a walk through the grass with our Merging Minds host Javi Diaz and his guest Jamie Brown! They make conversational stops at the opera, in Brazil, and they, of course, end up talking about the localization industry!

Jamie Brown is a Localization Consultant, former Chief Language Officer, and overall optimist who overcame a childhood stammer and fear of speaking to become an accomplished linguist and public speaker. Jamie has given a TedX talk and is currently working on composing choir music in “non-traditional” languages to bring more diversity to the concert hall.

Join Jamie and Javi as they discuss:

- The overlap between music and language

- Writing choir music in new languages for classical music

- Having a stammer as a child who loved studying languages

- Jamie’s life-changing experience in Brazil

- The fundamental desire to understand different people and different cultures

- The importance of preparation for public speaking

- The importance of having a team with diverse skills

- Needing humility to hire people who are better than you at things

- Recognizing the “humans” on your team

- Learning to adapt your message for different stakeholders

- How to make difficult decisions as a #leader

- Javi’s networking advice

And of course, the beauty of walking barefoot in the grass on an especially hard day.

Click play to hear Jamie and Javi’s conversation!

You can learn more about Jamie Brown here:

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