Merging Minds Host Javi Diaz has done the impossible- He has interviewed the interviewer! Tucker Johnson is well-known in our industry for interviewing the biggest names on his podcast, but today Javi has him in the hot seat!

Tucker is a co-founder of Nimdzi Insights and an all-around source of wisdom and knowledge in LOC. On the show, he and Javi discuss:

  • Founding Nimdzi Insights
  • Meeting Different People in the Industry
  • Reflecting on Entrepreneurship
  • Limiting beliefs and entrepreneurship
  • Why the Localization Industry is "Pulverized"
  • Growth through acquisition
  • Room in the industry for small companies
  • Going through shit as millenials
  • Introvert Energy vs. Extrovert Energy
  • Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring
  • Do you need a coach or a friend?
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people
  • Social Media as a Tool for Good
  • "Industry Secrets"

And much more!

This episode is filled with insights and predictions about the industry, so be sure to tune in!

You can learn more about Tucker Johnson here, and check out his podcast here.

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