How do you make most of your language services career in this ever-changing world? In this episode of The Merging Minds Podcast, host Javi Diaz engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Andrew Lawless, High Performance Consultant Academy Founder that helps consultants make their businesses stand out and attract clients effortlessly. This engaging conversations explores the transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship and aims to offer valuable insights and practical advice for translators and leaders alike.

By listening to Andrew’s amazing journey, in this special episode you’ll learn more about:

- The importance of aligning personal values with professional endeavors and the need for meaningful work

- How our cognitive strengths influence our career success - and useful tools for understanding your unique problem-solving approach

- Andrew’s experience transitioning from corporate roles to #entrepreneurship with the importance of adaptability and the limitations of traditional hiring practices

- How chronic stress impacts your decision-making and what you can do about it

- Translating expertise into actionable solutions and challenges in the #localization industry

- How to discover your "sweet spot" – the intersection of your unique strengths and your client’s or company’s needs

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