Pascale Tremblay has always been curious, open-minded, and ready to make connections with other people. This is exactly the attitude that got her started in localization as a young woman, and the attitude that has helped succeed as a loc leader for the last 20 years!

Now, this attitude is what is helping her lead teams through rapid changes in the localization industry. She leads with care, creativity, and a constant curiosity.

Listen to Pascale chat with our Merging Minds host Javi Diaz as they talk about Pascale’s leadership journey and her outlook on the future of loc!

They discuss:

  • Growing up in a town where no one spoke English, then hitting the big city
  • The “post-localization” era
  • The importance of travel in building connections
  • The fundamental skills of a leader
  • How language is not linear
  • Multilingual, multimodal content creation
  • How to develop a curious and creative mindset around AI
  • The different operational structures that will be needed in the future of loc
  • Thinking of AI as a “transformation of your work”
  • Incremental change working towards a larger vision
  • Understanding the business context of change
  • Going all in on a new tool
  • The future being based on connection

And more!

Click play to join our Merging Minds host Javi Diaz and his guest, Pascale Tremblay, for a conversation about language, leadership, and looking ahead to the future.

You can learn more about Pascale Tremblay here.

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