The localization industry is high tech, fast-paced, and ever-changing. That is one of the many reasons we love it. But there can be a dark side to that sort of non-stop culture:


Laura DeCook is a specialist in burnout and mental health that works with organizations of all sizes to bring advocacy and education about mental wellbeing to the workplace. Her work is informed by her own mental health journey and her professional experience of establishing a mental wellbeing program for Expedia Group. She has worked in the film industry and in tech, two intense industries with high rates of burnout and stress.

Listen to Laura and Javi discuss mental wellness at work, as well as:

  • The silver lining of pandemic
  • Supporting employees as whole people
  • Higher level execs needing to lead by example
  • The pros and cons of technology for mental health.
  • Laura’s experience at Google and Expedia
  • Laura’s time in the film industry and working on Star Wars
  • The mental health epidemic in US
  • The value of being a nonjudgmental listener
  • The scary and exciting future ahead

And more!

Click play to join our Merging Minds host Javi Diaz and his guest, Laura DeCook, for a conversation about mental wellness in the workplace!

You can learn more about Laura DeCook and LDC Wellbeing here.

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