What can we learn about efficiency from the structure of a football team? How can we navigate the highs and lows of leadership and our career journeys, from unexpected setbacks to remarkable triumphs? Today, Javi Diaz engages in a captivating discussion with Veronique Özkaya, a seasoned international leader and #localization industry expert. Through her insightful anecdotes and valuable advice, Veronique shares her perspectives on effective leadership and team building in today's dynamic business landscape.

Key discussion points:

- The importance of alignment, accountability, and adaptability in developing high-performing teams

- Good vs. bad leader traits and her way of helicopter leadership (it's not what you think!)

- Fostering a collaborative environment within teams thriving on transparency and open communication

- Candid insights into the challenges of leadership through Veronique’s personal stories of triumphs and setbacks

- The importance of resilience in navigating the complexities of business

- Do we even know how to seek support? Veronique’s heartfelt piece of advice to new leaders and team members for building a strong support network and seeking guidance from mentors and peers

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