Wada'a Fahel is one of localization's biggest superstars, but she didn't grow up wanted to be a LOC leader. Like so many of LOC's best and brightest, she stumbled her way into the industry and then climbed her way to the top.

Join Wada'a and Merging Minds host Javi Diaz as the discuss Wada'a's story and how she went from a small Italian company to some of the world's biggest companies like Harley Davidson and Zendesk.

She and Javi discuss:

  • Coming from lebanon and speaking 3 languages
  • Choosing to work with the right brand
  • Being ready for AI
  • AI performance with short-form content
  • The biggest challenges the localization industry will face with AI
  • Redundant offerings
  • Building a localization program from the ground up
  • The real meaning of empathy in Leadership
  • Not looking at resumes when hiring
  • The key trait of people managers
  • The role of vulnerability and boundaries in a team
  • The nuances of multicultural teams
  • Mentorship for the next generation in LOC

And much more!

Click play to hear Wada'a and Fahel dive deep on leadership in localization.

You can learn more about Wada'a Fahel here.

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