How do we find harmony between regulation vs. innovation in the rapidly evolving AI and tech landscape? A renowned psychologist Barry Schwartz is Gabriel’s guest today on #MergingMinds Podcast to dissect the interplay between innovation, regulation, and societal values.

Prof. Schwartz’s main research addresses morality, decision-making, and the inter-relationships between behavioral science and society. Join us for a dynamic conversation on the multifaceted landscape of innovation and ethical AI and discover valuable insights for responsible navigation of the ever-evolving digital realm.

As translators and language professionals, we're often at the forefront of bridging language barriers in a fast-paced and dynamic digital environment. Our guest Barry Schwartz, Professor at the Haas School of Business, U.C. Berkeley and Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Swarthmore, the author of several books about human behavior on topics like choice, wisdom, and motivation, including “The Paradox of Choice,” helps us shed light on the broader implications of technological advancements and the need for ethical considerations in AI, social media, and beyond.

Key discussion points:

- How will translators be paid in the future? Output vs. quality

- Tension between innovation-driven markets and the need for regulatory frameworks to ensure societal well-being

- Ethical dilemmas in technology - what are the ethical ramifications of AI and social media platforms designed to affect user behavior?

- The importance of fostering critical thinking in an era of information overload

- Our agency and role as individuals shaping societal norms, values, and large-scale positive changes - despite the complexities of governance and market dynamics

- Are addictive algorithms keeping us hooked? Education, social media, and societal influence: the subtle nudges in shaping ethical behavior

- Where's your power? Self-reflection, individual empowerment and awareness in navigating the complexities of innovation vs. regulation with a proactive engagement in effecting meaningful change

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Barry's book “The Power of Choice: Why More is Less”:

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Gabriel Fairman, CEO of Bureau Works and father of three, grew up in a multilingual home. Driven by his passion for languages and their role in defining us, he enjoys cooking, playing guitar, and sports. Recognized for his innovation, Gabriel was honored with the 2023 Innovator of the Year Award at LocWorld Silicon Valley.

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