If anyone understands the intersection of writing and AI, it is Stephen Marche. Stephen first started experimenting with “algorithmic writing” back in 2017 when he built his own writing model. Since then Stephen has written an “infinite story” with AI and he created the first ever book written with AI to be reviewed by the New York Times, “Death of An Author”.

Outside of the AI world, Stephen is also an accomplished writer. He is a novelist, essayist, and columnist whose writing has been published in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Esquire, and many others.

Merging Minds Host Gabriel Fairman sits down with Stephen to talk about artificial intelligence, authorship, and all of the complications that go with it. They get philosophical, they get political, and they get to the bottom of some of the biggest challenges our society is facing when it comes to our perception of AI.

They discuss:

  • Can you be an author without writing the words?
  • The Moravec paradox: AI is good at hard things and bad at “simple” things
  • 40-adjective GPT prompts
  • Writing a novel with AI
  • The resistance to AI in Western Culture
  • The fear and greed in narratives about AI
  • The influence of social media on perceptions of AI
  • “The Microwave of Language”
  • How human supervision can maximize the technology
  • The potential for AI be a force for good
  • Information civil wars
  • Why AI ethics institutes don’t scare AI companies
  • Creative AI experiments at Disney and Warner Media
  • Apocalyptic sensibilities
  • Being better than the collective intelligence

And more!

Click play to join our Merging Minds host Gabriel Fairman and his guest, Stephen Marche, for a conversation about AI, authorship, and humanity!

You can learn more about Stephen Marche here.

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