Have you ever met someone more interested in going to the laundromat than the museum? Now’s your chance! Sean Hopwood is so intent on authentically connecting with people that he goes to the laundromat and gives directions for fun.

But, as a polyglot of 7 languages and the owner of his own translation company it is clear that Sean doesn’t just make small talk. He keeps his love for human interaction at the center of his leadership, and you can see it in how he talks about his professional journey.

Join our Merging Minds Host Javi Diaz for an incredible conversation with Sean Hopwood as they discuss:

  • Sean’s started as an interpreter and his early jobs
  • Founding a translation company with Microsoft Word
  • The evolution of LSPs
  • The power of belief in self for entrepreneurship (and life)
  • Tricking your mind
  • The joy of interacting with people when travelling
  • How “love languages” can work for professional life
  • The power of recognizing someone’s humanity
  • AI as something that helps translators, not replaces them
  • The business value of translation
  • Tips for leaders and entrepreneurs

And more!

Click play to join Javi and Sean for a great conversation about languages and leadership.

You can learn more about Sean Hopwood here.

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