Economic models don't explain human generosity, but when you look around altruism is everywhere. Is that because generosity is a deviation from the model, or because the model is a deviation from reality?  In a world of technology, models, formulas, and algorithms, what makes us truly human?

It makes sense that this week's Merging Minds covers economics, altruism, faith, and AI because this week's guest is a master of all of those fields. Dr. Nicoleta Acatrinei is a multi-disciplinary researcher whose career has taken her from banks to universities to religious organizations , and more!

Merging Minds host Gabriel Fairman and Dr. Acatrinei discuss a range of topics, including:

  • Nicoleta's journey from Senior Executive to PhD student
  • Is homo economicus an altruist? An egoist?
  • The 4 natural laws of economics being incomplete
  • Generosity not existing in economic models
  • If reality is a deviation from "the model" or if the model is a deviation from reality?
  • Theory forming behavior
  • The value of volunteering in global GDP ($30 trillion!)
  • Volunteering as proof of pro-social tendencies
  • The "Blood Buying" experiment
  • The mix of "Knight and Knave" in us all
  • How ideology shapes institutions and institutions shape behavior, leading to reductionist definition of humans
  • The Replacement Effect vs. Displacement Effect of Technology
  • Finding what makes you uniquely human
  • Being curious and unafraid
  • Necessity being the best teacher and harnessing a survival attitude
  • Losing our human vigor
  • How 40 million jobs may be lost with AI, but 400 million will be created
  • The importance of public policy in relation to AI
  • Having balanced conversations about AI

And much more!

Tune in for the fascinating conversation!

You can learn more about Dr. Acatrinei and her work here

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