Tools can be used for good or for evil, and AI is newest, most powerful tool around. This means that when we use it for good, our impact is amplified. This is exactly what Logan Nye, MD has been doing.

Dr. Nye is a physician and coder who is developing artificial intelligence tools for healthcare from a first principles perspective. His goal is to use the predictive capabilities of LLMs to help us identify risk factors for disease as early as possible.

Logan is the Founder of Galen Health, is an MD, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

Listen to Merging Minds Host Gabriel Fairman talk with Logan about how AI can be used to amplify your positive impact, being mission driven, and much more.

They discuss:

  • How humans relate to one another and how it can be distorted by algorithmic matchmaking
  • If tech needs to “catch up” to humans or if there is a fundamental difference between humans and machines
  • First principles for medicine
  • AI uncovering predictive patterns for pancreatic cancer
  • How tools can be used for good and evil
  • Being Mission Driven vs. Practice Driven or Dogma Driven
  • AI augmenting humans, not replacing them
  • Being flexible in the details, but steadfast in your mission
  • Digital twins
  • The energy and cost limitations on data processing with AI
  • The benefit of not knowing the future
  • How much knowledge impacts our actions
  • Specific truths vs. broad truths
  • Cultural adoption lags behind tech capabilities
  • At what point is better decision making a bad thing

And more!

Click play to join our Merging Minds host Gabriel Fairman and his guest, Logan Nye, for a great conversation about AI!

You can learn more about Logan Nye here.

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