Is the human touch in translation overshadowed by AI? Explore the answers with an AI veteran researcher and creator of the first AI for the Humanities course in the world - Kate Elkins! A published professor on the linguistic and literary capabilities of large language models, such as ChatGPT, Kate shares her fascinating stories and insights in this special #MergingMinds episode as she keeps shaping the intersection of humanities and artificial intelligence as a professor at Kenyon College.Together with Kate, we navigate the intricate world of languages and embrace the transformative impact of AI on her craft. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you as we:- Discover the human side of translation and the evolving landscape with a focus on Kate’s personal experiences and anecdotes- Address concerns about generic homogeneity in AI translations and the crucial role of human intervention- Explore the rich cultural tapestry as we delve into the challenges and joys of translating across diverse cultures and modifying cultural expressiveness of a particular language- Uncover the emotional nuances that bring translated text to life, even in the technical realm, and the evolving role of AI in this delicate process- Peek behind the curtain of translation as Kate discusses the rhythm, pace, and subtle artistry involved in crafting resonant words- Learn about the coexistence of human intuition and AI capabilities, with the emphasis on the need for vigilance, oversight, and the importance of maintaining the human touch in translationCurious about the stories behind the languages we speak, the emotions in our words, and the evolving translation landscape? This episode is a must-listen! We invite you to transcend technicalities and glimpse into the heart of language, life, and the ever-expanding horizons of AI. Hit play and join Kate on our Merging Minds journey that brings words to life!You can learn more about Kate and support her on:LinkedIn: @katelelkinsDon't forget to subscribe to The Merging Minds Podcast powered by Bureau Works for more exciting stories!

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Gabriel Fairman, CEO of Bureau Works and father of three, grew up in a multilingual home. Driven by his passion for languages and their role in defining us, he enjoys cooking, playing guitar, and sports. Recognized for his innovation, Gabriel was honored with the 2023 Innovator of the Year Award at LocWorld Silicon Valley.

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