Our jobs were very different 200 years ago. Even 100 years ago they were nothing like they are today.

The nature of our work is constantly evolving, and we need to continuously discuss how to evolve along with it.

Join our Merging Minds host Gabriel Fairman as he has this exact discussion with Adrian Schreyer, a leader and interdisciplinary scientist who is currently working with AI to develop pharmaceutical drugs.

They discuss:

  • How to use machine learning with little available data
  • The incentive structures that complicate drug development
  • The potential of AI to make the process faster and cheaper
  • "Digital Twins"
  • The large support for AI use in the medical research community
  • Potential complications with AI models interacting with patient data
  • The nature of disruptive technologies and hype
  • Disruption vs. Acceleration
  • "AI is what we make of it"
  • "Societal thinking has not caught up with technological thinking"
  • Learning from history

And much more!

Click play to hear Adrian and Gabriel discuss adaptation, acceleration, and AI!

You can learn more about Adrian Schreyer here.

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Gabriel Fairman, CEO of Bureau Works and father of three, grew up in a multilingual home. Driven by his passion for languages and their role in defining us, he enjoys cooking, playing guitar, and sports. Recognized for his innovation, Gabriel was honored with the 2023 Innovator of the Year Award at LocWorld Silicon Valley.

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